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FBI Reform: Eurasia Review: Instagram Unveils New Messaging App For Close Friends

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Instagram on Thursday, October 3 introduced Threads , a messaging app designed to be used only by your closest friends, The Verge says.

The app’s existence is a companion for Instagram that lets you quickly
share text, photos, and videos with your “close friends” list. It also
invites constant, passive sharing of your location, status, and other
intimate data, which both invites privacy concerns and causes some
people to reconsider how they’re using that close friends list.

Threads has three core components. The first is the camera, which is the default screen when you open the app. It’s just for taking photos and videos. There are no filters here.

The app also offers customizable shortcuts for your close friends, so that if you primarily use the app to message two or three people, you can put their profile picture right on the bottom of the camera screen. Take your picture, tap their photo, and swipe up to send. In a demonstration, taking and sending a photo was remarkably fast.

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