Howie Carr: Jeffrey Epstein’s Harvard tentacles

Is there any more depraved and greedy crew of Beautiful People anywhere than the Democrats from Harvard who sucked up to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein before his, uh, suicide in 2019?

Talk about greedy — every last one of Epstein’s sycophants couldn’t stop rump-swabbing the Democrat pervert, despite the fact that all of them were already fabulously wealthy and privileged and hated everybody who didn’t have a trust fund like they did.

C’mon down, “Dr.” Lawrence Summers, former US Treasury secretary and ex-president of Harvard University.

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal, which in addition to running the usual two or three anti-Trump columns and editorials every day, has also this week been running a series of stories about Epstein’s interactions with what passes for the carriage trade these days.

State-run media are giving these deliciously gossipy stories a good leaving-alone, for the obvious reason. Professional courtesy.

The best tale so far concerns Larry Summer. It’s from 2014, which was six years after Harvard stopped taking millions from Epstein because of his conviction in Florida for sexual abuse of young girls.

Did Summers care? Hell no!

His trophy second-wife Elizabeth New, another egghead professor at Harvard, needed some dough. Congrats to the Journal for putting Summers’ plea to the pedophile on the front page.

“I need small scale philanthropy. My life will be better if I raise $1m for Lisa.”

One million is small-scale philanthropy? Happy wife, happy life.

“Mostly it will go to make it a PBS series and for teacher training. Ideas?”

Ideas? How about instead of shaking down a convicted-felon child molester, you dip into one of the trust funds left to you by your Ivy League professor parents, or your wife’s?

Dr. New teaches poetry, by the way. God knows nothing is more exciting than poetry, especially as presented by the Panhandler Broadcasting System.

Epstein gave Mrs. Summers $110,000, which I’m sure Summers thought was a bit too small-scale.

Now he “deeply regrets” hanging out with and begging for money from the pedophile. His wife just “regrets” taking all his dirty pervert cash.

By the way, this is the same Dr. and Mrs. Summers who in 2018, while flush with Epstein’s dough, decided to make a road trip to MAGA country. Summers’ resulting condescending piece in the Financial Times was headlined, “I discovered the rest of America on my summer holiday.”

Here’s all you need to know about what Jeffrey Epstein’s BFF discovered about us deplorable hayseeds in Flyover Country:

“What I saw on my trip was how profoundly different ways of life are within the US.”

Here’s how different life is outside Cambridge. We may know criminals, but by God we do our best not to associate with convicted pedophiles. And we dad-gum damn sure don’t go begging them for a million-buck handout for the trophy second wife’s phony-baloney TV show about poetry, most of which probably don’t even rhyme, bub.

Seriously, what is it with these Harvard professors? Last week it was Charles Lieber – Professor Pumpkin – pleading guilty to taking $1.5 million in payoffs from the Red Chinese, opening a secret bank account in Wuhan and then evading income taxes on his blood money.

He got two days in the lock-up, which he’d already served.

Lieber is in Lexington, a hotbed of woke leftist blow-in academic drifters, another of whom is Noam Chomsky, 94-year-old linguist at MIT, where Summers got his undergraduate degree.

Guess who else palled around with Epstein? You guessed it, Dr. Noam Chomsky. The Journal asked him about it. The following should be read in a Bernie Sanders accent:

“First response is that it is none of your business. Or anyone’s. Second is that I knew him and we met occasionally.”

Chomsky pointed out that Epstein had done his time, which means he can re-enter society. But as Chomsky told the Harvard Crimson, such alleged norms “are rejected by the far right in the US.”

Does he mean only the “far right” tries to steer clear of vile serial predator perverts?

One of the people Epstein introduced Chomsky to was, wait for it, Woody Allen! Gee, what do you suppose Epstein and Woody Allen had in common?

Allen’s flack told the Journal: “Woody never had a business meeting with Epstein and not once spent time with him without (wife) Soon-Yi being present.”

Wonder whose idea that was, for Woody Allen to have a chaperone for everyone of his get-togethers with Bill Clinton’s good buddy?

Another Boston connection to Epstein: Bill Gates, who spent so much time in the old Combat Zone when he was at Harvard. Also Mortimer Zuckerman, former Boston developer who went to Harvard Law School and was also an instructor at the business school.

It goes without saying how much all the above Democrat grandees despise Donald Trump. Take Reid Hoffman, a billionaire graduate of the Putney School in Vermont and Stanford University.

You may have heard of Hoffman recently because he’s been financing the preposterous defamation civil lawsuit a nutty old lady from New York has filed against Donald Trump. She’s accused 45 of raping her in a year she can’t remember, which she never reported to the cops, under a series of circumstances hauntingly similar to a TV show made years ago.

The plaintiff said that she had received no money from anybody to pay for her legal expenses. She was lying. Under oath. Reid Hoffman was paying her expenses, because apparently he doesn’t like men oppressing women.

Now it turns out that Reid Hoffman, Democrat billionaire who funds spurious rape allegations against Trump, actually flew on Epstein’s private jet – the Lolita Express – to his private resort in the Virgin Islands, known as Pedo Island.

“I am sorry for my personal misjudgment,” Hoffman said.

Don’t tell us you’re sorry, punk. We know how sorry you are.

Please, I implore you, try not to let any of this destroy your faith in the integrity and moral rectitude of trust-funded Democrat billionaires, especially the ones from Harvard.

You can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much. And you certainly can’t tell him not to hang out with a shady liberal pervert billionaire named Epstein who surrounds himself with underage girls.

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