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Over the past two weeks it’s become clear that Secretary of Energy Rick Perry played at least a medium sized role in Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal. This week he announced that he was going to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry, and the news broke that he’s resigning. Now we’re getting a better understanding of why he’s cutting and running.

It turns out Rick Perry wasn’t just the guy who was sent to attend Ukrainian President Zelensky’s inauguration after the Trump regime decided that Zelensky hadn’t smeared Joe Biden sufficiently to deserve Mike Pence’s presence. According to a surreal new Politico report, Perry was in fact playing an active role in trying to force Ukraine to put some of his fellow Texans on the board of a Ukrainian oil company. Why does this matter?

At the least, it demonstrates that Rick Perry was abusing his position as Secretary of Energy to try to extort the President of Ukraine into giving jobs to his friends. If it can be demonstrated that Perry knew Donald Trump was withholding military aid to try to force Ukraine to rig the election in Trump’s favor, that’ll mean that Perry was at least indirectly using the withheld military aid to try to get his friends those jobs.

No wonder Rick Perry is resigning and looking to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry. He’s in deep up to his neck in international criminal corruption, and now he can see that it’s all going to come out, and that his patron saint Donald Trump isn’t going to be in a position to protect him. He knows that emphatically cooperating is his only chance of not getting criminally indicted when this is all over.

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