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A woman earns nearly $5,000 a month selling pictures and videos of her feet — dirty socks can fetch as much as $500

Person on tip toes with tattoo on footChrissy (not pictured) joined Fun with Feet during the pandemic when social distancing led to less work at her bartending and hairdressing jobs.

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  • Chrissy, a creator on the erotic website Fun With Feet, sells photos there as her primary income.
  • She told Insider how she got started, using her iPhone and chatting online with clients.
  • Chrissy makes an average of $5,000 each month selling custom videos and photos, plus used socks she mails out.

Chrissy took off her shoes, then her socks, placing her feet on the damp ground. Pulling out her phone, she pointed it downwards to show only her legs and feet, then took off, sprinting through mud. Afterwards, she filmed herself cleaning her dirt-caked toes.

The task didn’t faze Chrissy, a 32-year-old erotic content creator on the website Fun With Feet. She said that the client who requested the video, which cost him $300, is a major “Lord of the Rings” fan. Though she found his request strange, she understood the assignment, which the client said was inspired by a scene in the movie “The Hobbit.”

Chrissy told Insider she’s been selling photos of her “elegant” size seven feet on the website for three years. She originally joined Fun With Feet to make extra money, and now averages $5,000 each month in sales, Chrissy said. It’s been so lucrative that, for the past six months, she’s made it her full-time job. 

According to Chrissy, who has also worked as a model, peddling erotic foot content allows her to make her own schedule while concealing her true identity, something that she worried wouldn’t be as easy on a platform like OnlyFans. Insider verified her identity, but she asked to use a pseudonym for this story.

Building a foot-loving fan base

When Chrissy first joined Fun with Feet, she said that she focused on building her client base for the first six months. She started by photographing her own feet, which she said felt exciting, and even a bit sexy.

She joined the website during the pandemic, when her jobs working as a hairdresser and bartender had reduced shifts due to social distancing protocols and a lack of clientele. On social media, she had heard of people making extra money through OnlyFans, but was wary about showing her face because of her other jobs.

“I really didn’t know if I was going to be back at work the next week. That’s when I started to explore other options and came across Fun with Feet,” Chrissy told Insider.

Multiple times each day, she would post photos of her toes resting on smooth stones, trying to emulate the pristine posters typically hanging in nail salons. Her first-ever post was a shot of her toes after she got a French-style pedicure. On Fun with Feet, customers could scroll through Chrissy’s free photo feed, similar to Instagram, then message her to request and buy custom content.

Chrissy said that in the beginning she spent most of her time chatting with her new followers on the website, building a rapport with them through non-sexual conversation.

“Nine times out of 10, the average customer just wants someone to talk to. Whenever they see a photo, they want to imagine the person behind that photo,” Chrissy told Insider.

Now she spends between three and five hours a day, five to six days a week, maintaining her business. Chrissy said one day she might shoot custom photo or video requests, while another could be spent mailing out her used socks to clients, something that they might pay upwards of $500 for.

She said she’s open to almost any request, but puts her foot down if a client asks to have someone pee on her feet.

Clients pay for fresh pedicures and dirty socks

Being a client of Chrissy’s isn’t cheap. She said she charges between $300 and $500 for most of her customized videos and photos, and will adjust prices depending on the specificity of the request.

For example, Chrissy said she’ll charge $300 when a client asks for a French pedicure or certain nail polish color on her toes. A request like the “Lord of the Rings”-inspired video she made would cost closer to $500. 

Custom videos can range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the request and fee a customer is willing to pay, Chrissy said. She films all of her content on an iPhone, and didn’t have any editing or production experience before her Fun With Feet venture. Once a client receives their video, they can keep it forever and rewatch it as much as they’d like.

Chrissy has also started experimenting with videos that include her voice. She said she doesn’t speak unless a customer requests a video that has an erotic domination element, which some people enjoy because it can make them feel out of control and powerless.

She said she factors in the price of any props, pedicures, or socks when a client makes a request and includes those expenses in her final fee.

“They pay for everything. It’s a service, baby,” Chrissy said.

Though currently single, Chrissy said previous partners have always supported her foot content business, with some offering to take the photos and one even joining a video with her.

She said she plans to continue selling feet photos until she gets sick of it, but doesn’t anticipate that will be any time soon. 

“I actually really enjoy engaging with my customers. It’s therapeutic, in a way,” Chrissy said.

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