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Angry Russian Responses to Kyiv Lavra Being Returned to ‘Ukrainian’ Hands

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The U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has noted on how Russian millbloggers have been distorting the historic occasion which happened in Kyiv on Jan. 7.

Russia carries on to weaponize faith to perpetuate extended-standing information and facts functions and discredit Ukraine.

Russian milbloggers responded to footage posted on Jan. 7 of uniformed Ukrainian servicemen attending Orthodox Christmas expert services at the Kyiv-Perchesk Lavra and decried it as a reprisal and open up war on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate (UOC MP). Several milbloggers referred to the footage as evidence that the Lavra has been “captured” by “heretics and schismatics.” The milblogger vitriol at the footage of Christmas products and services at the Lavra follows the selection by the Ukrainian federal government to just take again manage of the major cathedral of the Kyiv-Perchesk Lavra from the UOC MP and let the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) to keep Orthodox Xmas expert services at the Lavra on Jan. 7. The Russian reaction to the Ukrainian government’s conclusion to transfer command of the Lavra to the OCU exemplifies Moscow’s ongoing weaponization of religion in purchase to body Ukraine as evil and placement Russia as the protector of Orthodox Christian values, as ISW has earlier noted.


The Ukrainian governing administration has not disrupted the potential of observers to celebrate Orthodox Xmas in Ukraine.

Russian milbloggers falsely introduced the lawful transfer of the Kyiv-Perchesk Lavra from the UOC MP, which the Ukrainian govt maintains has express backlinks to the Kremlin and has furnished substance and spiritual assist to the Russian war in Ukraine, to the OCU as an attack on the capability of observers of Orthodox tradition to celebrate Christmas. Orthodox companies ongoing through Ukraine, which includes in the Kyiv-Perchesk Lavra, in the course of the training course of the day on Jan. 7. The Ukrainian governing administration placement that aspects of the UOC MP, from which Kyiv taken off command of the Lavra, is supported by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing association with the Russian Orthodox Church. In his speech on Orthodox Xmas, Putin thanked the ROC for its ongoing assistance for Russian troops in Ukraine. Ukraine is not suppressing the religious liberties of Orthodox Christians, contrary to the Russian facts operation, and is as an alternative using the steps it deems vital to length Ukrainian cultural heritage from spiritual features it asserts are connected to the Kremlin and its conduct of the war.

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