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Biden administration preparing for end of Title 42 restrictions

(NewsNation) — As federal officials brace for the end of the Title 42 immigration restrictions, NewsNation is learning of some of the plans being considered come Dec. 21.

A source within the Department of Homeland Security told NewsNation that some U.S. officials anticipate the “open border” narrative will spread when Title 42 ends and lead to a spike in the already record number of crossings.

The person familiar with the plans said the ideas that are being seriously considered by the Biden administration look similar to policies that were in place under the Trump administration, with different terms used for the same programs.

One proposal would prohibit single adults from seeking asylum if they illegally cross the border and have not first applied through legal pathways. Instead, they would be placed in expedited removal proceedings.

Criminal prosecutions for single adults whose crime was solely crossing the border illegally is also being considered. While some ideas look familiar, others could expand legal avenues for migrants and asylum seekers. One program reportedly influenced the planning for the end of Title 42.

Last month, a new process that mirrored Title 42 was put into place for Venezuelans, and the number of migrants attempting to cross the southern border dropped. Now, the administration is considering raising the 24,000-person cap on the number of Venezuelans who can be paroled in hopes of incentivizing people to apply and enter legally. An expansion to include Nicaraguans is being considered.

Finally, the administration reportedly wants to use a mobile app run by Customs and Border Protection that would allow migrants to schedule an appointment at a legal entry point ahead of time, sources said.

This all comes as Republicans prepare to take control of the House, where they have vowed to open investigations into the way the White House has dealt with border security. Some Republicans have also indicated a potential impeachment inquiry could be coming for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

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