Countdown With Keith Olbermann, Episode 182: Jordan, MTG And Judge Vyskocil Are Human “Skid Marks”

Episode #182 of the Countdown podcast is up.

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This appears to be a commercial-free episode. Someone at iHeart is gonna get fired …


  • (0:00) Ok I’m sorry for all the scatological references; I’m just fed up. A Federalist Society judge discovered by Chump’s worms sitting on a bankruptcy court has ordered that the former Assistant DA for Manhattan HAS to sit for a deposition for Jim Jordan’s Dog-And-Pony-Dung-Eating show and aid Jordan’s effort to wipe Trump’s ass with the Constitution. Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil has the nerve to insist no one is above the law and others are playing politics. Alvin Bragg should charge her with Obstruction of Justice. It’s just more evidence that we must remember the GOP — The Party of Human “Skid Marks” — declared war on the rest of us in 2015 and we need to stop pretending they didn’t. This country must be saved from the Republicans.


Does anyone remember the Pine Tar Wars?

  • (22:29) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Nancy Mace is proud she once waitressed at Waffle House. She may be headed back there after what she said about Biden. RFK, Jr., makes the mistake of running for president and running on the records of his father and uncles. And OH THE HUMANITY: a Matt WalshBlog speech is terrorized by “Antifa” armed with … marbles?

#Antifa announced a direct action to target attendees of @MattWalshBlog’s speaking event at @uiowa.

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) April 20, 2023

Matt’s just upset because he lost all of his.

Speaking in behalf of the NMA (National Marbles Association), I’d like to say: You’ll get my agates when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.


  • (26:44) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: 39 years ago this month I packed up and moved to Boston to start my dream job, for which they — and I — had waited ten months. The job lasted … FIVE months. The anticipation is truly greater than the event!

That’s all the damage for now. Good morning, good afternoon, good night, and good luck.


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