Countdown With Keith Olbermann, Episode 184: Jeff’s Hadley Gamble Leaves Him A Shell Of His Self

Episode #184 of the Countdown podcast is up.

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It looks like Fani Willis could have Trump’s fake electors flipping in Georgia. (via Deadline: Legal Blog)

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) April 23, 2023



  • (26:14) BREAKING NEWS: NBC fires my lying ex-friend Jeff Shell as CEO — for lying. reports he had an affair with a CNBC Correspondent, Hadley Gamble — the woman Russian state TV once accused of trying to distract Vladimir Putin with her “sex appeal” — and compared her to Sharon Stone CROSSING HER LEGS IN BASIC INSTINCT. I’m so full of Schadenfreude I actually sing “The Ode To Joy” in the original German.


  • (33:25) EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY: Tobias in Devore, CA.
  • (34:47) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: If the Shell news isn’t fun enough, CNN and Chris Licht make his biggest mistake yet.


  • There are nine laws of cable TV news and the new Gayle King/Charles Barkley show will violate ALL NINE OF THEM.

And I know someone is going to ask for the list, so here you go:

  1. Don’t mistake friends of yours for universally popular television people.
  2. Remember that, no matter how big the ratings, last place in the ratings is still last place.
  3. Remember that, whatever someone’s ratings are over there, that does not mean they will get the same ratings over here.
  4. Remember the law of the day part (i.e., people might not be as good at a different time of day).
  5. Remember news viewers actually don’t want pop culture figures or sportscasters giving their opinions on the news.
  6. You may think that cable viewers want neutral, nonideological balanced shows, but there’s 25 years of data proving that they do not. At all.
  7. Once a week on cable news might as well be once a year.
  8. If you have recently made a bad, big mistake, recognize it and do not repeat it.
  9. Do NOT pick a cute title for a show, especially if it is a play on the name of the host(s).

That’s all the damage for now. Good morning, good afternoon, good night, and good luck.

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