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August 13, 2022 5:17 am

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Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks and Ransomware News Review at 2 p.m. [Inoreader digest]

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Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks and Ransomware News Review at 2 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Jul 03 2022

Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks and Ransomware News Review at 2 p.m. Daily
Cybersecurity, Cyberattacks and Ransomware Current News:
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Current Selected Articles:
All Current Articles:

Artificial Intelligence-based Cybersecurity Market Economy Challenges 2022-2028 | Cisco Systems Inc.,…
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 15m

Microsoft announced that the Windows worm Raspberry Robin has already infected the networks of hundreds…
Security Affairs 24m

Hello! Putting aside the experience, opportunities, etc that it ACTUALLY takes to become a CISO, I was…
cybersecurity 32m

China using economic might on Australia’s Pacific neighbours, eyeing ANOTHER nearby military base  Daily…
“cyber attacks january 2021” – Google News 51m

From Russia, with malware  Protocol
“Russia and Ransomware” – Google News 1h

HUB Security names Hugo Goldman Chief Financial Officer  Yahoo Finance
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 1h

Dmitri Alperovitch: ‘Every day in cyberspace has the potential to be a bad day’  Protocol
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 1h

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cybersecurity 1h

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cybersecurity 1h

Israeli Tech and Innovation News  NoCamels – Israeli Innovation News
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 1h

A new round of the weekly Security Affairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles…
Security Affairs 1h

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Skyhigh Security today announced it has partnered with Gotara, a global…
Cybersecurity Insiders 1h

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cybersecurity 2h

This past week, I read this post and made me wonder if I’d need an additional certification in order…
cybersecurity 2h

No – Not just Russian Imperialism Has Triggered War in Ukraine  Fair Observer
“Russian Mob” – Google News 2h

Data breaches are more costly for these 10 industries  Citizentribune
“Investigations of Cyberattacks and Ransomware” – Google News 2h

Latvia’s leader warns U.S. and European leaders against “war weariness” as Russia’s assault on Ukraine…
“russian hackers” – Google News 2h

Classrooms Before Missiles | Jewish & Israel News  Algemeiner
“Israel and cyberattacks” – Google News 2h

North Korea’s Stolen Crypto Stash Suffers Huge Beat-Down Following Bitcoin’s Crash To $18k  ZyCrypto
“cyber attacks january 2021” – Google News 2h

NATO vs Russia: How forces stack up as Putin’s army decimated and NATO increases troops  Express
“Putin, Russia, and Cyber Curtain” – Google News 3h

Swiss foreign ministry allegedly attacked by computer hackers  SWI in English
“russian hackers” – Google News 3h

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cybersecurity 3h

Apparent cyberattack disrupts unemployment benefits in multiple states  News Channel Nebraska
“Kaseya” – Google News 3h

Insight: Russia is ‘failing’ in its mission to destabilize Ukraine’s networks after a series of thwarted…
“Russia – Ukraine Cyberwar 2022” – Google News 3h

New Study Reveals The Top Destinations for Spa Breaks  Travel Agent
“Russian Mob” – Google News 4h

FBI warns of ransomware attacks targeting agricultural companies during critical seasons  YakTriNews…
“Cybersecurity and fbi” – Google News 4h

How FBI Helped Thwart ‘Despicable’ Cyberattack on Boston Children’s Hospital  Insurance Journal
“Cybersecurity and fbi” – Google News 4h

Google Project Zero states that in H1 2022 at least half of zero-day issues exploited in attacks were…
Security Affairs 4h

Grab this portable cybersecurity hardware for an extra 20 percent off  Popular Science
cybersecurity – Google News 4h

US, Israel cybersecurity joint investment announced  The Jerusalem Post
cybersecurity – Google News 4h

Where Next for Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity?  Security Boulevard
cybersecurity – Google News 5h

Global Deception Technology Market to Reach $4.2 Billion by 2026  GlobeNewswire
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 5h

Uzbek president backs off proposal to prevent secession vote  Arizona Daily Sun
“Russian Mob” – Google News 6h

Allot and Singtel Partner to o
“Israel and ransomware” – Google News 6h

I am a IAM Manager for a bank in the UK and have a MSc in Information Security. My long term goal (next…
cybersecurity 6h

Stock brokers to report cyber attacks within 6 hours of detecting them: Sebi  The New Indian Express
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 6h

HUB Security names Hugo Goldman Chief Financial Officer USA – English – USA – English  PR Newswire
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 6h

Israeli air raid sirens triggered in possible cyberattack  The Register
“Israel and ransomware” – Google News 6h

So, i recently started a new job working in Cyber Intelligence. The company have their own internal training…
cybersecurity 7h

Uzbek president backs off proposal to prevent secession vote  La Crosse Tribune
“Russian Mob” – Google News 7h

Mystery Shrouds Iran’s Downplaying of Israeli Assassinations  Asharq Al-awsat – English
“Israel and cyberattacks” – Google News 7h

Thrive Acquires Edge Tech Group To Become Major Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider – Crowdfund Insider  Crowdfund…
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 7h

Where Next for Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity?  Government Technology
cybersecurity – Google News 7h

Cyberattack hits Lithuania after sanctions feud with Russia  Yahoo News
“Russia and cyberattacks” – Google News 8h

Cyberattacks on the rise in ag industry | State & Regional |  AgUpdate
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 8h

Decoded – Technology Law Insights, Volume 3, Issue 12 | Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC – JDSupra  JD…
“Ransomware and FBI” – Google News 9h

Pro-Russia hackers claim responsibility for ‘intense, ongoing’ cyberattack against Lithuanian websites  News…
“russian hackers” – Google News 9h

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cybersecurity 10h

Splintered Ukrainian city braces for new battle with Russia  Arizona Daily Sun
“Russian Mob” – Google News 10h

Week in Lithuania: Lithuania hit with intense cyber-attack, President meets with Spanish King Felipe…
“Russia and cyberattacks” – Google News 10h

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cybersecurity 10h

submitted by /u/my070901my [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 10h

US Health Care Is Under Attack  The Epoch Times
“russian hackers” – Google News 11h

Cybersecurity, Privacy, Data and Regulatory Compliance Rank as Top IT Audit Risks
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 11h

submitted by /u/techietraveller84 [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 11h

Putin blasts West in 73-minute rant after cyber attack delays speech  Evening Standard
“Putin on cyberattacks” – Google News 12h

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. Announces Key Aspects of 2022 Capital Plan  Yahoo Finance
“cyber attacks january 2021” – Google News 12h

submitted by /u/PuffytheBluePenguin [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 12h

Telecommunications veteran Kevin Gordon makes the switch to cybersecurity  Jamaica Gleaner
cybersecurity – Google News 12h

Fact-checking The Undeclared War: ‘A hacker could turn off the lights in Putin’s office’  The Telegraph
“Putin on cyberattacks” – Google News 12h

Ukraine news live: Kyiv finds ‘classified’ Russian hard drive with 100GB of military data; Moscow ‘accidentally…
“Putin, Russia, and Cyber Curtain” – Google News 12h

here is an example most people don’t realize. I would think for most of us here on this sub we would…
cybersecurity 12h

Bayer to establish cybersecurity hub in Israel  Israel Hayom
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 12h

Cybersecurity Mesh Market Projected to Witness a Double-Digit CAGR During 2020 – 2028  EIN News
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 12h

Lloyd’s warning over state-sponsored cyber attacks | News  StrategicRISK Europe
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 13h

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–IronNet, Inc. (NYSE: IRNT), an innovative leader Transforming Cybersecurity…
Cybersecurity Insiders 13h

War costs Russia its influence with Ukraine’s Orthodox believers  Financial Times
“Russian Mob” – Google News 13h

New Report Shows What Data Is Most at Risk to and Prized by Ransomware Attackers  iTWire
“REvil” – Google News 13h

US Passes New Cybersecurity Laws in June 2022  EC-Council
“Biden on cyberattacks” – Google News 13h

Richard Marles urges Australia to have ‘courage’ to stand up to China  Daily Mail
“Putin, Russia, and Cyber Curtain” – Google News 14h

submitted by /u/wewewawa [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 14h

Stock Brokers to Report Cyber Attacks Within 6 Hours of Detecting Them: Sebi  News18
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 14h

Hezbollah sends a message with three unarmed drones over Israel’s maritime zone  Haaretz
“Israel and cyberattacks” – Google News 14h

Cybersecurity courses ramp up amid shortage of professionals  The Associated Press – en Español
cybersecurity – Google News 15h

ToddyCat APT. ICEFALL ICS vulnerabilities. Fancy Bear sightings, and other updates on cyber phases of…
“russian hackers” – Google News 15h

Ukraine at D+123: Russia seeks to pull Belarus deeper into its special military operation.  The CyberWire
“Russia and Ransomware” – Google News 15h

FBI special agent addresses cyber attack prevention, steps for victims  WZTV
“Ransomware and FBI” – Google News 16h

Growth in Cyber Attacks Boosts Global Demand for Endpoint Security – PR Newswire APAC  PR Newswire Asia
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 16h

Cyberattacks on financial services rising, says expert  Punch Newspapers
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 17h

submitted by /u/kugkug [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 17h

Cyber Insecurity: Give Deterrence a Break  smallwarsjournal
“cyber attacks january 2021” – Google News 17h

Costa Rica chaos a warning that ransomware threat remains  The Associated Press – en Español
Ransomware – Google News 17h

How to protect your firm from cyber attack: hear the podcast  World Economic Forum
“Cyberwar 2022” – Google News 17h

Talon Cyber Security Selected for Exclusive Microsoft for Startups Program
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 18h

Why Russia has refrained from a major cyber-attack against the West  Cyber Security Hub
“Russia and Ransomware” – Google News 18h

‘Threat Report’ details cyberattacks linked to Ukraine war  The Manila Times
“Russia and Ransomware” – Google News 18h

DPRK hacking for profit. MedusaLocker warning. C2C market notes. Cyber conflict in the Middle East and…
“US Russia Cybersecurity Agreement” – Google News 18h

An ETF to Consider as President Biden Signs Cybersecurity Bills Into Law  ETF Trends
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 19h

Vivalia posts massive losses after cyber attacks  The Brussels Times
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 19h

Hi there, hope this is the correct sub for these kind of questions 🙂 I have a memory dump of a process…
cybersecurity 19h

Hello All, I would like to know what struggles are you facing as someone: 1. Who is trying to learn cyber…
cybersecurity 19h

What is the salary range for a cyber security analyst (focus on threat hunting). Job is asking for 10+…
cybersecurity 20h

Five active ransomware gangs and their tactics (part one)  Cyber Security Hub
“cyber attacks january 2021” – Google News 20h

Breakthrough NXM Autonomous Security Technology Protects Space Infrastructure and IoT Devices from Cyberattacks  Space…
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 20h

submitted by /u/Serious-Summer9378 [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 20h

What are your experiences on firewall based IPS Systems, specially from Unifi? Have you ever had false…
cybersecurity 20h

Accused Canadian ‘NetWalker’ ransomware hacker agrees to plead guilty in U.S.  Financial Post
“Investigations of Cyberattacks and Ransomware” – Google News 21h

submitted by /u/tweedge [link] [comments]
cybersecurity 21h

Do you use online tools or write your own custom script depending on the obfuscation method? submitted…
cybersecurity 21h

Stranger Things power rankings: Who won season 4?  The A.V. Club
“Russian Mob” – Google News 21h

Data breaches are more costly for these 10 industries  Moore County News Press
“Investigations of Cyberattacks and Ransomware” – Google News 21h

This is a transcription of an interview I had at Iran International broadcaster, I discussed about the…
Security Affairs 21h

Researchers shared technical details and proof-of-concept exploit code for the CVE-2022-28219 flaw in…
Security Affairs 22h

Just curious if anyone has tried the MITRE ATT&CK Defender program. I’m not so much interested in…
cybersecurity 22h

Putin pundit tells Sturgeon to contact Russian hackers to help with UK ‘disintegration’  Express
“russian hackers” – Google News 22h

Gallium’s new RAT. Hacktivism in India. Ukraine reports GRU spam campaign. Russian court fines Wikimedia…
“Investigations of Cyberattacks and Ransomware” – Google News 22h

Stock brokers to report cyber attacks within 6 hrs of detecting them: Sebi  Business Standard
“Cyberattacks” – Google News 22h

Legal Newswire | Cimplifi™ Launches Security, Privacy, and Compliance Center
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 23h

29er Europeans – Day 3 Qualifying series complete – Sailweb  Sailweb
“REvil” – Google News 23h

MSPs On Kaseya-Datto Deal: ‘A Big Win All Around’  CRN
“Kaseya” – Google News 23h

Escape the execution time limitations of Github Actions with this open-source project. This provides…
cybersecurity 23h

I was asked this question during an interview for a soc analyst position and was curious if there is…
cybersecurity 23h

Looking into entry level soc analyst positions and wanted to include links to some personal projects?…
cybersecurity 23h

‘The Undeclared War might be to much after Covid but it’s bingeable for the die-hards’  The Mirror
“Putin on cyberattacks” – Google News 23h

The global IoT IAM market size is expected to grow from USD 5.6 billion in 2022 to USD 14.0 billion by…
“Global Cybersecurity” – Google News 1d

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