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Trump and Trumpism – Review Of News And Opinions: 1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): Donald Trump | The Guardian: If Donald Trump goes down, he’ll try to take everyone with him | Simon Tisdall

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As the impeachment saga gathers pace, even some Republicans fear that we’re looking at the ’doomsday president’

There are two ways of looking at Donald Trump’s astonishing response to the Democrats’ attempt to impeach him. Either Trump has finally lost the plot or else he has just guaranteed himself a stunning victory in next year’s presidential election. Whichever view is correct, both signal a rising sea of troubles for the US and the world.

Suggestions that Trump has no idea what he’s doing were reinforced by some unhinged behaviour last week. His ranting about traitors, spies and low-life at a White House event was utterly bizarre, reviving claims that he is unfit for office.

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He is prepared to obstruct justice, intimidate witnesses, peddle lies, demonise the media, whip up populist hysteria

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)

Trump and Trumpism – Review Of News And Opinions