Opinion News on Fox News: GREG GUTFELD: The woke mob is reshaping the narrative to make Jordan Neely a martyr

Happy Monday, everyone! So far, over 2 million bucks has been raised for Daniel Penny’s defense. Millions to save a penny. Sounds like a typical Democrat social program. But it is good news. Still, is it a match for the mob, the mob that disrupted subway service and started brawls over the death of a violent, mentally ill homeless man? See, they thrive off violent extortion, lurking and waiting to pounce like a lunatic on the F train and always adored by the media. And even though this dead guy was a menace, better at impersonating Michael Myers than Michael Jackson, they’re going to reshape that narrative. 


So he’s a martyr and the Marine a bad guy. And race will play the starring role, even though it was a bona fide rainbow coalition teaming up to protect innocent passengers from a raging lunatic. But to morons and race baiters, that could only mean one thing: White supremacy. Which means if the case doesn’t go their way, prepare for the apocalypse on your streets. That’s the extortion. Neely was a violent mess with serious mental issues. I see him every day, usually outside CNN headquarters. But if you ask the media, he was a talented entertainer, which is like saying John Wayne Gacy was a clown. He was. 

Now, mental illness can make you a victim, but also a victimizer. And in Neely’s case, there is a good chance when he punched a few senior citizens, he did it because he felt like it. Oh, there was help out there for him for sure. Billions in social programs. But what happened there? It’s a scam called rent seeking. The practice of manipulating public policy to increase profits. If homelessness actually gets better, the profits shrink. So you got to keep that problem alive. It’s really how the Democratic Party exists. Keep people living at subsistence level and they will have to rely on us forever. 

After 42 priors, Neely should have been locked up but New York has a ‘180 strikes and you’re still not out’ law. So he roamed loose. And because the left sees dollar signs and sorrow, they preferred to unload these maniacs on the rolling asylum called the subway, a mode of transport these —-s would never be caught dead on. Pun intended. Neely was on NYC’s list of the top 50 people in dire need of help. Yeah, the government makes lists of people they aren’t helping. Isn’t that the phone book? But the homeless service industry is indeed an industry. 

De Blasio threw a billion to ThriveNYC with his wife as the boss. Yep, he hired the most qualified person he was married to. And surprise, it got worse. And why? Because the money flows up and not down. Nothing was thriving but salaries. They threw another $240 million next fiscal year to the Department of Homeless Services. And of course, things got worse. So you had more homeless criminals roaming transit. No one wants to mess with them, but they will mess with you, surely. That’s where Penny and others step in. New Yorkers are supposed to look out for each other, not look away. But do that and you’ll be looking for a lawyer. 

Bragg charged him and City Hall must have known. So Bragg and the mayor bent over for a few performance protesters. And they were indeed performers. The subway event had to be staged because there’s no way those kids jump onto a live subway track and stay there without knowing the train wouldn’t turn them into ground chuck. I mean, they’re zombies, but they’re not literal zombies. Maybe I’m wrong. 

The protesters also needed police to be involved because no cops were present when Neely died. So they needed conflict on the streets between protesters and cops, a narrative the media always embraces. And so the jury will hear that story. AOC and others will push the lynching narrative as received wisdom. She wants to pull the lever for the electric chair like it’s a beer tap. 

But they run into a problem. Real people who take the subway and anybody else who just wants to get through their day with a minimum of hassle. We have to fight this. We have to support Daniel Penny, not against Jordan Neely, but against the Alvin Braggs and the AOCs of the world and also the old wretched dividers who tear apart by telling us that, after all, racism has long torn us apart. 


PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: Racism has long torn us apart. The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is White supremacy. I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU, I say it wherever I go. 

No, you said it because you were there, ya Bozo. So how does that help Blacks or Whites? It’s not meant to. See, dividing people just makes them easier to conquer, which helps the rent-seeking crooks who make money off maintaining racial strife. Joe’s telling Black grads they’re entering a world faced with invisible White devils. And that’s a lie. You call White people the devil, and you’re half right. But it’s the half Blacks keep voting for. Even when Lucifer himself comes to your graduation and lies to your face. 


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