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Earlier today, we brought you the story of how Donald Trump called up Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi this morning and offered to give her a legislative win on gun reform. We pointed out that this was an obvious last-ditch attempt on Trump’s part at bribing Pelosi into not impeaching him. Now it turns out Trump was even more desperate than that.

It turns out Donald Trump didn’t just call up Nancy Pelosi and offer her legislative favors. He specifically asked Pelosi if there was a way they could work out some kind of compromise on releasing the whistleblower complaint, as a way of heading off impeachment, according to MSNBC’s Ari Melber just now.

This may be a subtle difference in verbiage, but it represents a vast difference when it comes to Donald Trump’s position. He didn’t just offer to work on gun reform, so that when Pelosi turned him down, he could publicly complain that House Democrats aren’t interested in gun reform. He was specifically trying to get Pelosi to drop impeachment at the last minute. In other words, Trump was begging Pelosi for mercy – and he didn’t get it.

Donald Trump can publicly crow all he wants about how impeachment will somehow magically help his 2020 election prospects. But thanks to Trump’s own words behind the scenes, we now know that Trump very much did not impeachment to commence against him. He sees this as a bad thing for him – and he’s right for once.

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