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Woman puzzled by $200 pet fee — to have a fish — while apartment hunting in Kansas City; policy says ‘no aggressive breeds’ of fish are allowed

pet policy of Westover at The CrosswalksThe listing is currently live on although the pet policy isn’t listed in detail on the property’s official website.

  • A St. Louis woman discovered a rather odd pet policy regarding fish while apartment hunting.
  • The listing emphasizes that “no aggressive breeds” of fish are allowed on the property.
  • TikTokers poked fun at the policy and shared similar stories of pet policies and fees.

While searching for an apartment in a new city, one St. Louis woman found an unusual pet policy that included fees and restrictions on dogs, cats — and fish.

In January, Nicole Rose, 30, posted a video to TikTok that features her silently staring at the pet policy for the Kansas City-based Westover at The Crosswalks residences. The listing posted to says that pets are allowed under certain restrictions for a fee

While a deposit and a monthly fee for a pet dog or cat isn’t unusual, Rose called the fee for a fish “beyond insane” and told Insider she’d discovered it during a months-long search for an apartment in the Kansas City area. 

According to the listing, a pet fish is allowed for a one-time fee of $200, and a monthly “pet rent” of $15, but there’s strictly “no aggressive breeds” permitted. Rose’s post showing the policy garnered over 60,000 views in TikTok and many jokes.


Her fellow TikTokers poked fun at the $200 fee for a fish and the restrictions against potentially aggressive fish breeds.

“just in case the fish rips up the carpet,” a user joked.

“no aggressive breeds?? well there goes my plans of an Oscar tank,” one comment read. Resource site Aquarium Source describes Oscar fish as aggressive bullies who “will attack and eat any vulnerable fish.”

Others shared their own stories of being charged hundreds for one fish as part of a pet policy. One user alleged they claimed their pet shrimp were food to avoid a fee while another said they were charged $150 for a fish that died a week later.

Insider attempted to contact Mac Properties — the owner of Westover at The Crosswalks — for further confirmation on its pet policy, but the company didn’t immediately respond. 

Rose told Insider that she took issue with many different fees while apartment hunting. Ultimately, she did find an apartment in Kansas City although it wasn’t at Westover at The Crosswalks.

“I think we’re all frustrated with how landlords are able to get away with charging insane rents, but then to nickel and dime us for any and everything beyond ridiculous,” Rose said.

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