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You can own a private island off the coast of Scotland for $190,000 — nearly half the median price of a home in the US

Barlocco islandThe rocky terrain is only accessible by boat or by foot during low tide.

Courtesy of Galbraith

  • An island off the coast of Scotland is currently on sale for $190,000.
  • The price tag is less than half the median cost to buy a home in the US, per data from the National Association of Realtors.
  • Barlocco Island is located six miles away from the nearest town, and over an hour away from the nearest train station.

A remote escape just hit the Scottish real estate market: a 25-acre private island, currently on sale for $190,000.

Barlocco Island is located in Scotland’s Fleet Bay, about six miles away from the nearest town and with no dwellings situated on its grassy, rocky terrain, according to the Galbraith Group.

In a Thursday press release, the Galbraith Group described the land as a “rare opportunity for those wishing to own their very own island.”

And, at a price point under $200,000, the island is significantly cheaper than the cost of a typical home in the US. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, the median price of a US house is $375,700, as of April 2023. 

Barlocco Island.Barlocco Island, located off the coast of Scotland.

Courtesy of Galbraith

Uninhabited and comprised of nothing but verdure, the island appears to be a private oasis. 

“There’s still a very romantic sentiment attached to owning your very own Scottish private island, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some peace and tranquility in the most beautiful scenery around,” Aaron Edgar, a salesperson for Galbraith, said in a statement. 

He continued: “The pebble beach is a delight and the perfect base to explore the island, partake in some cold water swimming or to anchor a boat and enjoy a waterside picnic.”

While the owner’s identity remains private, Galbraith told Insider the island has been in the same family for several generations.

Barlocco is among other private islands in the region to hit the market in recent years, including Càrn Deas, a small 22-acre island located off the northwest coast Scotland, which was listed in 2021 and raked in bids of over $50,000

Ronay, located northwest of the UK peninsula, is available for rent for an undisclosed amount.

While there are currently no dwellings or buildings on Barlocco Island, its future owner may be able to negotiate a permit with local authorities to build their own little retreat.

Despite the island’s existing state and limitations, Edgar said he expects significant interest as there’s been a “strong demand from domestic and international parties for entire private islands,” noting Galbraith Group has already handled “the sale of several in Scotland.” 

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